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5 Main Reasons to Try
Wallpics Sticky Picture Tiles

Photos are a great tool to preserve important memories that you do not want to lose. Nowadays, most people probably use their digital devices, such as personal computers, cameras, and smartphones, to store their valuable photos, but some families still use regular photo albums. But what about an option not only to save your precious memories but also to make them a decoration for the interior design of your room in your house? The shots printed in a form of sticky picture tiles are such an option.

There is a contemporary technology that allows you to print your favorite images just in a few taps on the screen of your smartphone (you don’t even need to leave your room). Transform your memories into amazing picture tiles and use them to adorn your living space. Here are some of the advantages of sticky picture tiles for wall that makes them an ideal decoration item.

1. Easy to install

Imagine attaching a magnet to a metallic surface. Well, the way magnet sticks on the surface can be comparable to how picture tiles stick on a wall. When they are purchased from reputable stores such as Wallpics, they come with a full set of necessary tools for installation. In the case of Wallpics, these photo tiles will be with four sticky pads. Of course, you are wondering if they can fall off because of the weight. Sticky pads are strong enough to support the entire picture for as long as you want.

2. Diversity of usage

The rapid change of preferences is a frequent problem when you choose decorations for the interior design of a room. It is like the fashion industry. You think that you have the most fashionable suit but then realize that something better just came to the market. With picture tiles are the same situation. You might have thought that a specific photo was ideal for a specific room, but after a while, it starts to seem like it is better to change the place. In the case of sticky picture tiles for wall, you can easily take them off (without leaving ugly, undesirable marks) and effortlessly restick elsewhere. Cool, right?

3. Leaves the walls intact

Drilling the wall just to hang a photo frame can be troublesome. You cause damage to the wall with the drilling and you may have to apply a fresh coat of paint just to cover holes (after you decided to take off your framed photos). Well, with sticky picture tiles, it can never be an issue as they do not cause any damage to your walls. It is one of the reasons why they are highly recommended for those who rent their apartment and move from one place to another. If your landlords discover multiple drilled holes on the walls, they will simply utilize your security deposit money to fix it because the house should be left in excellent condition to be ready for the next tenant.

4. More flexible than frames

Photo frames may be cheaper than sticky picture tiles but they are not as flexible. Most of the frames that are available in the online stores have finished design and you can’t have an impact on it. At the same time, photo tiles are fully customized, so you can create a decoration for your walls in the way you want. Moreover, they are inexpensive. You will get a set of three tiles just for $94. Every additional tile will cost $19. In addition, there is a special monthly subscription plan, according to which you will get 3 sticky picture tiles every month and spend even less money.

5. Fully customization

Sticky picture tiles are fully customized, so you can set up them as you want. You don’t need to be a professional designer, just do everything according to your ideas and tastes. You can add a fresh touch to the kitchen with the pictures of your children or create a romantic story using your wedding photos in the bedroom. It all depends on you and your creativity. Let your imagination run wild.

4 steps to create your sticky picture tiles

It is a pretty simple process that will take just a few simple steps:

Step 1

Think about a room you want to decorate. What photos do you want to turn into picture tiles and use as wall decoration? Which room do you want to change the appearance of? Think about these questions to create the foundation of your project.

Step 2

Now you should choose the best pictures according to your idea. Check out the gallery on your smartphone, personal computer, or camera. If you don’t have suitable photos, you can make new ones. Another option is to find the necessary pictures on the Internet. There are really many websites with stock pictures, so you will definitely find something interesting to you.

Step 3

Then upload all your selected photos on the Wallpics website or app. Here you can arrange them as you want. As an option, you even can create a collage from your pictures. Then submit your project and place an order.

Step 4

Just wait for your order. Shipping is pretty fast (it is up to 6 days for the USA, while international shipping will take up to 14 days), so just within a few days, you will get your fully customized sticky picture tiles.

Final thoughts

The strongest reason to use sticky picture tiles is to bring a fresh touch to any room in your house and make your living space more personalized. It is a really great tool to effortlessly make your room look wonderful and delightful. There is no need for being an interior designer to create your own photo tiles. Installation is also pretty easy. At the same time, such a unique decoration will leave a great impression on your visitors.