WallPics Wall Art Custom – A Great Custom
Canvas Decoration Item and an Amazing
Custom Canvas Prints Present.

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custom canvas prints
custom canvas prints

Wallpics – A Great Decoration
Item and an Amazing Present

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The Wallpics custom canvas prints allow people to decorate their living or working space with adorable, delightful, and easy-to-clean wall art. They can brighten a room with any interior because it is truly a unique decoration. Plus, you can place them anywhere without the fear of leaving ugly scars on your walls because you don't have to use screws or nails to install them. Just use the special double-sided adhesive and simply stick them on the wall. What's more, if you want to move your custom canvas prints to another wall, you will do so without leaving any unwanted marks.

The biggest advantage of online shopping today is that you can complete everything in a few clicks. Once you've selected the photos you want to turn into custom canvas prints, simply upload them to the Wallpics website or app, arrange them as you like, submit them, and place your order. Just a few simple steps and you will receive a unique wall decoration for your home or an original gift for your loved ones. Since they are usually delivered right to your doorsteps, you might surprise someone with a present they definitely don't expect.

custom canvas prints
custom canvas prints
custom canvas prints
custom canvas prints

Choose the right photos

The choice of photos will depend on the purpose of their order. For example, if you want to surprise your best friend, you will probably create custom canvas prints based on his/her shots. If you already have these photos in your collection, you can upload and send them to create a unique collage. Alternatively, you can go the extra mile and find some pictures your friend forgot about. This way you will pleasantly surprise him or her.

Various holidays throughout the year are a good reason to make gifts to your close people. And custom canvas prints are a great option if you want to make an unusual and interesting gift. For example, as a special present for your loved one for the upcoming Valentine's Day, you can order these prints based on the photos of your honeymoon or any other special event you've been together. If it's a wedding anniversary, you can choose one wedding shot, but split it into multiple photo tiles. This wall art custom item will take a special place in your home.

If you have a photo of your baby with dear friends or relatives, you can order the photo boards with their names. It can be a wonderful detail in the children's room, as well as a source of precious memories.

custom canvas prints

Think about photo quality

If you stumbled upon Wallpics somewhere on the Internet, you will probably be taken to its website. If you are interested in custom canvas prints, the easiest way to order them is to follow the instructions, which are pretty clear. But before you order canvas prints, you need to know a few things.

First of all, think about the quality of the selected photos. No matter how dear to you these old blurry photographs, not all of them will meet the standard for printing on custom canvas. For satisfactory quality, the resolution should be at least 800 pixels. This means that almost all the photos from digital cameras and the newest generation smartphones will be suitable.

But if you don't want to give up your precious old photos just like that, you can leave that to a photo editing expert. Today, they can work wonders with your old pictures; they add color to black and white shots, sharpen images, change shades and contrasts, and even remove or add details. These professionals are sure to produce quality images that can be printed as custom canvas prints.

custom canvas prints
custom canvas prints

Know the shipping policy

One of the benefits of online shopping is a delivery to your doorstep. Wherever you are, Wallpics will allow you to enjoy gorgeous wall art that is sold all over the world. If you live abroad, you just need to know the shipping cost, but even this information can be easily found out. Shipping within the US is free and you don't have to wait more than a week. Your package is ready for delivery to your address within 48 hours after placing your order.

If you decide to order canvases from Wallpics as a wall decoration or gift, you can even save some money. These sticky boards are now available at very affordable prices, making them a dream come true for those on a budget or those looking to spend a little more on their home or business interiors. The price of $94 (if you grab the special offer currently active, you can save $15) for a set of 3 photo tiles is not high if you keep in mind that these items can last quite a long time. It is always possible to subscribe to the Wallpics website and regularly receive information about special offers. You will definitely not want to miss them because great and unique gifts at an affordable price are not easy to find.

Check twice

Just one typo while entering personal information can lead to many problems with getting your custom canvas prints. So don't forget to double-check all the information you need to place an order on Wallpics. Since the site uses encryption, you can be sure that your data is protected and all online purchases are made securely.


Photos, no matter what they are made of, have a great sentimental value. The person receiving custom canvas prints will see that you chose the gift with care and love. If you order Wallpics for yourself, this means you want your sweet moments to be saved in your home as well as be visible to everyone who comes to your house. Whether you want a unique wall decoration or a great present, custom canvas prints are an inexpensive yet convenient option.