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canvas art prints
canvas art prints

Wallpics – Fresh Decision for Your
Room Decor

canvas art print

Photos are worth a million words. Thanks to them, we can capture the memorable moments we wish to cherish forever. Nowadays, we keep our precious pictures on our mobile phones, personal computers, and cameras. This is a really convenient way to save them. But what if there is an option that allows you not only to have them close to you but also to use them as a great decoration for any room of your house.

To preserve your favorite photos, try to convert them into canvas art prints. If you put them up in your hall, you can see them every day. Also, you can show them to your friends and guests when they visit your home. This customized wall decoration will add a personal and modern touch to your apartment.

canvas art prints
canvas art prints
canvas art prints

The whole process of creating your custom canvas art prints is pretty simple. All you need to do is create an idea and choose pictures from your private collection. Upload all of them on the Wallpics website or app and our team will do the rest. For your future masterpieces, we will use high-quality materials and will properly complete the necessary stages of the process. Our quality-control team will not lose sight of anything. After that, we will deliver your order as quickly as possible right to the doorsteps of your house.

Installing the Wallpics photo tiles is undoubtedly is hassle free because you don’t need nails or screws. This means there is no need for drilling holes in the walls. You can just stick your canvas art prints on the wall. They are equipped with a simple adhesive, so your walls don't get damaged in the process at all. With Wallpics, you can unleash your creativity. Properly chosen photos will make your house feel much more personalized and fresh. They can transform a boring, dull room into a warm, shiny place. Your personal shots are better than any wallpaper or other wall decoration items as they show the real personality and vibe of the people living here.

canvas art prints

Order your first Wallpics canvas
prints and stick them on your wall

In a few simple steps, you can order your very first Wallpics canvas art prints. First of all, install the Wallpics app on Android or iPhone. If you prefer a personal computer, you can just use the official website. After uploading the selected pictures, adjust and arrange them as you want. After that, you can submit them and finally place an order.

Wallpics can also be an ideal thoughtful gift for friends and relatives. A personalized gift like canvas art prints is a very good option. So you can request a delivery right to the house of your loved ones.

canvas art prints

Consolidate your room interior
design and canvas art prints

If you want to make one of your rooms a real piece of art, you can create an interior design plan from scratch considering your future canvas art prints. If you try to integrate your ideas into the overall interior design project in the very beginning, the final result will be great. Think about a color scheme, lightning type, door type, style of furniture, wallpapers, etc. At the same time, think about the theme of canvas art prints and how they will synergize with the rest. You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to embody such an idea, just do everything properly and the final appearance of your room will impress your family and friends.

canvas art prints
canvas art prints

Change the atmosphere in your room for a small price

Do you want to add more liveliness to your house? Are you hoping to change your dull interior design? The Wallpics customized photo canvases are the best choice for this. We will print whatever you want to hang on a wall to show to other people: from the pictures from your first family trip to the photos of wedding anniversary. Bring your memories to life and hang them up in your living room or bedroom. In this way, your family can see them every day. It will surely fill your hearts with warmth.

The Wallpics canvas art prints are pretty low priced and affordable. A set of three costs just 79$. Moreover, there is also a great subscription plan. If you want to get three prints each month for a much lower price, you can choose a monthly subscription. Shipping is pretty fast, especially for the United States. The time of delivery in the USA is up to 6 days from order placement. For international shipping, it can take up to 14 days, depending on your location. By the way, shipping is free for the US.

There are discounts on Wallpics from time to time. Get your hands on a good deal and save a few extra dollars. It is the perfect time to make your home look a little differently. The personal memories displayed on a large art canvas above your couch will look amazing. It will reflect the bond between the family members living in the house.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of possibilities to improve the appearance and change the mood of any room in your home (if you want, you can change the atmosphere in the whole house). Today probably everyone can be a kind of interior designer and embody their most desirable design ideas. You can do it with the help of the Wallpics platform. Canvas art prints can become an ideal decoration for your home just in a few days. Think about what room you want to change, create an idea of what specifically you want to change, choose pictures from your personal collection on a personal computer, smartphone, and camera, or take new photos (if you want to capture your actual mood), and upload them on the Wallpics website or app. Free and quite fast shipping will deliver your photo tiles right to your doorsteps. Just give it a try.