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Square photo prints are currently very popular, especially on social media platforms such as Instagram. With advanced mobile technology, more and more people are increasingly using their smartphones to take stunning photos. Taking the perfect shot of someone or something is pretty easy. At the same time, printing and posting this picture at home is a completely different story. To make these prints look attractive in your home, there are several important composition skills you must master.

However, there are times when you can break some of the generally accepted guidelines of experts such as the rule of thirds because photography is creativity. In fact, there are many examples where the rules shouldn't be applied at all. Here are some tips to help you get great square photos prints that will stand out.

1. The object should be in the center

Traditional photographers have a different opinion on this issue as it is considered a mistake. In fact, most photography schools advise against placing your object directly at the heart of the shot. Well, they have their reasons, which are valid to a certain extent. However, when you center the object, you are focusing on it. This is especially recommended for the images where it can easily grab the audience's attention, allowing them to ignore other details that might distract them from this object.

2. Every detail in the shot matters

How are you going to display your square photos? Will you need a frame or will it be on canvas? You should understand that every detail (even the smallest) is important. To get the answers to these questions, you need to understand the purpose of the photo. Are you going to show one object or a combination of several objects, for example, a couple of trees with their shadows? Most experienced photographers will make sure that the entire frame of the shot is filled with these objects to create a sense of completeness. It is common practice to surround the main subject with others, but this luxury can only be provided by a certain image size.

3. Utilize symmetry

In the case of square picture canvas prints, symmetry is very important. With its help, you can easily identify an object that will become the center of the image and attract the attention of the audience. For example, if you want to take a photo of a person on a huge white sandy beach, you can move him or her to one side of the shot and place something irrelevant to the other. This will create symmetry between these two parts of the picture. Just make sure that the main subject and surroundings are correctly positioned in the frame. It is also recommended to use the diagonal principle for such photographs. In doing so, you place the key items strategically to ensure correct vertical and horizontal balance. You need to find the perfect balance as this is the most reliable way to guide the viewer to what really matters in the snapshot.

4. Use empty spaces

According to Steve Jobs, there is sophistication in simplicity. No matter how hard you try, the viewers don't have time to highlight the main object in a crowded and messy picture. There is no such problem with square photo prints. This format is ideal to focus on only one subject and the rest of the image is blank. Such a picture can be a great decoration for a room with an elegant interior design.

5. Forget about the rules

There is something attractive about not following the rules. In fact, most photographers would rather follow their professional instincts over the old rules of photographic composition. Of course, you also can do it. Let your imagination run wild and break all the usual rules when creating images for square photo prints. Forget about all the rules and allow your intuition to guide you.

6. It doesn’t always have to be colorful

Colors accentuate the beauty of any photo. However, there are many examples where black and white is preferred over color alternatives. This wonderful effect helps to better represent lines and shapes, allowing the viewers of square pictures to focus on the key subject. Moreover, the photos with the black and white effect look amazing and quite stylish. It is a good idea to hang square photo prints in your workspace to enhance the look and feel of the place, making it more fashionable.

Amateur photos rock

With advanced mobile technology, you don't need to be a professional photographer to take beautiful pictures of things or people. There are smartphones with excellent built-in cameras, which are sometimes even used by the specialists. You can turn the products of your hobby into amazing decoration for any room in your home. The unmatched diversity of features of square photos allows you to do what you like.

Final thoughts

Taking square photos can be easy and enjoyable. What's more, you can convert any picture to a square format depending on your preference. The professional photographers recommend this format as it allows them to focus on image composition. You can also set your printer to change your photo format based on your specific interests. Plus, you can use different platforms like Wallpics to create your own square picture canvas prints to decorate your home. Simply select the best photos from your private collections on your smartphone, personal computer or camera and upload them to the Wallpics website or app. After that, arrange them as you like, submit them, and finally place an order. After a few days of fast delivery, you will receive your picture prints. From now on, you can decorate the walls in any room of your home with your own photos.