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Time to Change: Enhance Your
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The arrangement of your living space is real science. Although you make most decisions based on your style and preferences, you still have to follow specific rules to decorate each room. You should pay attention to every small detail because the point is to create a space in which you will feel comfortable while meeting some aesthetic standards.

Perhaps one of the most important moments of interior design is the choice of wall decoration. This is what dominates the space, but above all, it must accompany the rest of the ambiance. You’ll admit that empty walls look a bit odd. The smart selection of decorative items tells a lot about you and your home.

wall art prints
wall art prints
wall art prints

Unusual wall decoration decisions have grown in popularity in recent years. Now you can opt for various designs and styles, many of which are very eye-catching and fresh. The choice will depend on your taste, idea, and budget. You can actually find the items that can meet all your requirements. Have you ever thought about wall art prints?

wall art prints

Movable decorative items

When you think about turning your photos into wall art, the first thing that comes to your mind is the framed pictures that you hang with the help of nails after drilling a hole in the wall. Making the holes in your walls is not the most enjoyable moment of decorating your house. Aside from the clutter, they will remain when you decide to move the photos to another location.

Luckily, you no longer need to drill holes because a much more practical and easy way to display your photos in a prominent place in your home or office has been developed. And we talk about stickable photo tiles. As the name suggests, these decorative items have sticky pads on their backs. You just peel off the backing paper and stick the tiles wherever you want. No drilling or mess.

When you think it's time to change something in your room, you can do it in minutes. All you have to do is remove the tile and move it to the desired location. The sticky pads on these items are durable and adhere to a variety of surfaces.

wall art prints

Unique decoration for every room

The interior design of any room can be enhanced with the proper wall decoration. There is no limit to what you can do with wall art prints. You can make these items even better by adding words, graphics, or borders. You just need to create something that matches your room. There's no purpose in putting your vacation photos in the children’s room, right? But you can take the pictures of your children and turn them into wall art prints and sort them in chronological order. For the teen room, you can choose some great shots with their friends and make a collage to enhance the atmosphere. If your child is a fan of a singer/actor/athlete and has a photo with him/her, surprise your kid by turning that memory into a unique wall decoration he/she can boast of.

You can use multi panel wall art to add an extra touch of intimacy into your bedroom – print the photos from your wedding, honeymoon, or joint vacations. These items placed in a visible place will always remind you of how much you love your spouse. Family photos, some memorable events, or even your pet's photography can be a great choice for the living room, hallway, and kitchen. Placing this decoration along the staircase will improve the atmosphere of this area.

wall art prints
wall art prints

Freedom of arrangement

Let's say you've decided to use multi panel wall art to enhance the beauty of your walls. In this case, you should think about how you would place it for the best effect. When you place it, you can play with its position, placement, and shape. For example, you can design your wedding or engagement pictures in the shape of a heart. You can do the same with the photos of your baby. It is a great idea to put the pictures of vacation memories on the wallpaper, which is a map of the world. Each photo will be posted in the country where you took it.

You can use the photos from different periods of your life or the lives of your loved ones and make wall art prints that you will shape in a circle. For example, you can print the shots of your kid from elementary, high school, college, and finally the graduation ceremony.

Inexpensive wall decoration

The decision of buying decorative wall trinkets is often impulsive and costly. In the end, you will have too many items that you cannot immediately hang on the wall because it will be cramped there. If you redirect that money to the Wallpics wall art prints, you can even save it. For just $94 for a set of 3 paintings (and $19 for each additional tile), you can make your wall look gorgeous for less than a single mural.

Final thoughts

The most obvious reason to incorporate wall art prints into the interior design of any room is to add liveliness to the walls. They can make a room interesting and fun without making a mess. Such a unique product will leave a lasting impression on all your visitors. In just a few easy steps, you will get these picture tiles. First of all, browse your private collection on your phone, personal computer or camera and select the best photos that you want to turn into wall decoration. Then upload them to the Wallpics website, arrange them as you like and place your order. Finally, after a few days of delivery, you will receive your wall art prints.