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Actualize Your Memories with Wallpics

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What if you no longer need to store your photos in photo albums or in glass frames? In fact, these methods of storing your shots are not the best option because in such cases your guests do not always have the opportunity to watch the memorable events of your life. How about bringing your memories to life in the form of photo tiles and decorating your living space with them?

Let's take a short walk through history. With the advent of photography in the 19th century, it became possible to preserve joyful and happy memories for a long time. The next step in progress was the invention of frames that could protect photographs (photos were so fragile without them). Finally, the advent of photo tiles, which later evolved into stickable photo tiles, brought even more smiles on people's faces because they protect images and also make them more comfortable and promising as part of room decor. Of course, glass-framed pictures can be quite attractive when hung on the wall, but a small mistake can break them apart. Fortunately, Wallpics can help preserve your precious memories via photo tiles.

photo tiles
photo tiles
photo tiles
photo tiles

Simplicity and elegance
of Wallpics photo tiles

The aesthetic appeal of framed pictures is the main reason why many people decorate their living space with them, but what about a cheaper, more durable option like photo tiles? These picture prints from Wallpics are simple in terms of design because the focus is on image quality. Due to its simplicity and elegance, photo tiles can be used for any room style. With their help, you can easily bring a new mood to your room. Moreover, you can use Wallpics photo tiles as a small detail of the interior decor. In other words, you can use them as you see fit. Just think about it well and you will be happy with the result. Glass frames are not needed as Wallpics provides a more convenient and smarter alternative.

photo tiles

Without damage
to your walls

Picture tiles are individually designed decorative elements that are created to be the perfect tool for personalizing your living space. And the main thing about them is that they will never damage the walls in your home. This is due to the fact that these tiles are usually used with the two-sided adhesive and can be easily stick to the wall. No need to drill holes in the walls. Additionally, they can be easily moved from one wall to another without leaving unwanted marks.

photo tiles
photo tiles

Personalized decoration

The main feature of Wallpics is that you can choose pictures for your future photo tiles. These can be the shots from a wedding day, school prom, or birthday party. In fact, there are a lot of options, so the end result depends only on your imagination. For example, a couple returning from their honeymoon can turn their collection of photographs into personalized photo tiles. By hanging these paintings on the wall, the newlyweds can tell their family and friends an interesting and exciting story about their love and adventures during their honeymoon.

Celebrities also
love Wallpics

Who doesn't love it when their favorite celebrities buy the same items as them? To let you know, over 70 celebrities have already ordered and received their Wallpics picture tiles. There are short videos of these “stars” receiving and reviewing their orders on our official website. The good news is that none of them were disappointed with the order that the Wallpics team delivered to them. They made sure that these picture tiles are of high quality and top-notch durability.

How to order Wallpics picture tiles?

First of all, you just need to use your personal collection of images. Pick the best shots you have and upload them to the Wallpics website or app. After you have corrected the uploaded photos, you can submit them. The only requirement is to select at least 3 photos for your order. And when the payment is done, Wallpics will automatically receive your order. By the way, if you run into any problem, our support team will help you solve it. You can just enjoy yourself waiting for your picture tiles. By the way, shipping within the USA is free and very fast.

If you are looking for quality but cheap photo tiles, Wallpics is the right place to order. There is not only the standard buying method described above. Another option that is also available is a subscription where the customers can pay for a monthly subscription and chill out while Wallpics brings their photo tiles to their doorstep. This plan can also be gifted to loved ones, which means you can use it for your family and friends and let them enjoy new picture tiles on a regular basis, while saving you more money compared to spending on one-off orders.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, there is no need to keep your photos in an old dusty closet. You can actualize the best of them in a form of Wallpics picture tiles. They are fully customized, so you can just use any of your shots. Moreover, they are easy to install, making them a great tool for enhancing the look of any room in your home. Refresh your memories and change the atmosphere of any space in your house in just a few simple steps. First of all, select the room you want to change, then browse your collection of photos on your smartphone, PC or camera, and choose the best ones. After that, just upload them to the Wallpics site and finally place your order. From now on, you can use picture tiles to decorate your home from A to Z.